Self Adhesive Vinyl Removal Guide

We get numerous requests from people wanting to know how to remove vinyl graphics from their vehicles prior to selling them or returning them to the leasing company.

One of the options of course is to get us to do it, but this can prove to be quite expensive. Let’s face it, no matter how you look at it, it is a time consuming laborious job. Luckily, with a few tips anyone can do it, easily, and without damaging the vehicle paint work. The first thing to do is to ensure any road


grime or grit is removed so give the vehicle a wash before you start.

The next thing you will need is a glass scraper, you know the ones with a Stanley blade. You will need to dull the blade by rubbing it on an oil stone. This will prevent the blade from digging into the paint work. Use the scraper to lift an edge from the vinyl letter or graphic you want to remove. Then grab the lifted edge between your thumb and finger and SLOWLY pull the vinyl away from the vehicle. By the way you will either need to work in ambient temperature of 15 degrees C plus or use a hair dryer or hot air gun to warm the vinyl slightly, otherwise it will be brittle and keep snapping.

Usually the glue will be left behind on the vehicle. Fill a spray bottle with white spirit and spray the glue until it is thoroughly soaked, leave it for about 30 seconds to penetrate and then use a credit card (or if you’re feeling brave use the scraper, we do)!! Gently lift the glue away, it will be like jelly and will usually come away very easily. For really stubborn glue, you may have to repeat this process. Eventually you will be left with a few remnants of glue, these can then be removed by using more white spirit and a clean cloth, or paper towel. Finish off by spraying some soapy water onto the area and wiping it away. You are now ready to move onto the next bit.

Unfortunately it is a very time consuming job so above all you will need patience. However, once you are finished the vinyl will be totally removed from your vehicle. The next snag is the vinyl will will have been protecting the paint work underneath it, so you will be able to see where it was (especially if it has been on the vehicle for a long time). The only way around this is to take the vehicle to a valeter or bodyshop and ask them to T-Cut the paint work. This will temporarily solve the problem but eventually the effective age difference in the paint will show up again.

Hopefully you will find this guide to be very useful?

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