Vehicle Wraps

One of our latest services on offer is vehicle wrapping. Vehicle wrapping is the new way to apply graphics to your vehicle. Using conformable vinyls and digital print technology we do away with the need to cut the vinyl around contours. The end result is fabulous eye catching full colour graphics which will really put your business in the spotlight.

Vehicle wraps are now used in place of expensive custom paint jobs. In addition to being a lower cost option to paint, the vinyl can be removed when the advertising campaign is over or you are ready to return your leased vehicle.

Why use a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wraps have become red hot for business promotion and the main reasons for this according to industry experts are affordability and effectiveness. The process of printing and wrapping has become easier and cheaper, vinyls and technology have greatly improved and the attractive graphic designs are a distinctive, captivating way to effectively advertise and promote a business.

There has definitely been an increase in the number of vehicle wraps over the past several years, I think the main reason for this is affordability. With a full colour vehicle wrap your vehicle will effectively become a moving billboard.

Traditional billboard advertising ranges from about 375 to 1500 a month. Compare this to a company van “fully-wrapped” price of about 2000 with a high-quality wrap that can last up to 5 years and it’s easy to see how cost-effective vehicle wraps can be. A wrap typically generates about 8 million impressions in a year. Multiply this figure by 5 years and no other advertising medium comes close to the low cost per viewing.




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