Whether it be for a Solicitors firm or a Dentist, there are times when only the best
quality, long lasting sign will do. This is where our engraved signs come in. We
supply polished or brushed brass and stainless steel engraved plaques for
professionals who recognise the importance of having a discrete but classic sign
showing their qualifications to practise. We use the same technology to provide
memorial plaques as well, not just for loved ones but often for pets who have
passed away.

Industrial Engraving.
Engraving is the most durable and legible way of marking information and hence
has a multitude of industrial applications. Engraving materials can be selected
that are suitable for high impact, wet or highly corrosive environments.

Engraved materials can be produced in most sizes, shapes, thickness and finishes
in most materials. Engraved items may have precise customer specified cut outs
or profile shapes.

Engraved items can be colour filled to customer specification.

Various ways of fixing are available from supplied with fixing drill holes to self adhesive.




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